Do you have any
of these needs?

Do you need that your subordinates have more responsibility and improve their results?

Do you want to speed up the culture change to give a real boost to results?

Do you want to energize your labor force and involve your subordinates in key initiatives that allow them to win and also make the organization win?


Develop Accountability

Get people to personally assume to pursue the organization’s mission and accomplish the key results of the organization.

· it’s the most important step that an organization can give in order to improve its performance.

· it’s the fastest way to improve the work environment.


We have patnered with DOOR International and became their Exclusive Representative in Portugal.

Partners in Leadership is the most acknowledge company in the development of Accountability© and Culture Change.

Our Accountability® Development programs

Three tracks to develop higher Accountability
Based in the New York Times best sellers


Overcome your circumstances and show that you assume you will do what is necessary to reach the organization’s Key Results.


How different would your world be if everyone around you was looking for solutions instead of excuses?


How do you maintain others Accountable in a positive form that produces the wanted results?


From top to bottom, we will quickly mobilize your organization towards your priorities – the 3 Key Results that your organization wants to reach this year.


How to achieve results that require a change in the way people think or act – a change in culture?


How to maintain people responsible to accomplish the Key expectations, the ones that you have decided that not achieving is not a option.

How do we do it?

Consulting and Coaching


Digital Tools

The results

Partners In Leadership Testemonials


“We knew that if we got accountability right, then we’d get everything right. To get there, we had to learn to think and act differently.”

Tim Peoples

Plant Manager


“Culture change is not something you do to an organization. It’s a ‘leader-led’ process – it’s about you going first – changing first, even changing the most. From there it ripples through the whole organization as one wave after another of changed behaviors.” 

Jim Arnold

Senior Vice President, Nexen Oil Sands


“Using the Accountability Sequence, we’re able to manage our Key Expectations daily. Holding others accountable in a positive, principled way allows us to deliver on our results today and into de future.”

Kelli Valade

EVP, COO, Chili’s Bar & Grill

Some clients

Partners In Leadership has more than 1 000 clients  in more than 106 countries, including half of the 50 biggest companies in the Fortune magazine.

Awards of Partners In Leadership

Gold, Industry-Leading Social Learning Programs

October 2015

Inc. 500 | 5000

July 2015

#1 International Award for Blended Learning

June 2015

Top 20 Leadership Training

February 2015

Gold, Excellence in Content

October 2014

Inc. 500 | 5000

July 2014

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