Over thirty percent of children in Portugal are bullied in our schools[1].

The impacts of bullying are often painful and costly:

  • It can cause its targets physical harm and leave mental health effects, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, shame and suicide.
  • Students who bully are at increased risk of school absenteeism, drug abuse and criminality.
  • Creates an unsafe and insecure learning environment
  • Diverse youth are marginalized
  • Staff time is wasted
  • Suspensions and expulsions lose revenue
  • Parents remove their child from your school (more lost revenue)
  • Your school can be sued for harassment

The 2009 survey sponsored the World Health Organization (WHO) of health-related attitudes and behaviors of young people (known as Health Behavior in School-Aged Children or HBSC) found that the percentage of adolescents in Portugal aged 11 to 15 years who report bullying others at school at least once in the past couple of months is over 30 per cent.


Increasingly schools are recognizing the need for an effective anti-bullying
system to prevent the harm caused to student lives. Under the No Bully
System schools are stopping over 90% of incidents of bullying and building
a culture where everyone belongs.

No Bully System


Prevent & Interrupt::

All staff prevent and interrupt student harassment and bullying.


Level 2
Check in and Refer
to a Solution Coach®:

Staff check in and refer ongoing bullying to a school Solution Coach.


Level 3
Hold a Solution Team
and Follow Up:

Solution Coach convenes
a Solution Team and follows
 up with bully & target.


Level 4
Implement an 
Action Plan::

Solution Coach implements 
an empathy-building action plan 
across entire grade.

“I wish everyone could watch children work together
on a Solution Team®. It would restore
their faith in Humanity.”

Courtney Graham
Cathedral School for Boys, San Francisco

Give your school an anti-bullying system that works.

Contact us for a proposal that describes how No Bully Portugal can help your school end bullying and details the applicable partnership fee.  Most schools find that a one-year partnership with No Bully Portugal soon pays for itself through attracting new enrollment and retaining students, that they would otherwise have lost because of bullying.

How We Do It

The No Bully School Partnership is an integrated series of teacher trainings, modules for students, parent workshops and leadership coaching sessions in how to build a bully-free school culture where every student is accepted for who they are.

Foundational Training

To all the adults who work on campus and who want to stop bullying

No Bully Portugal
and Guardian Workshop

To all Parents and guardians interested in preventing their child from becoming a target or a bully.

Solution Coach® Training

To the selected teachers and staff who want to manage Solution Teams.

Student workshops

To students from all grades who are involved or not in bullying.

Leadership Coaching

To the school’s leadership responsible for integrating the No Bully System®.

For further details
you can check No Bully®’s page


A No Bully® is a US based non-profit organization that trains schools how to leverage student empathy to stop bullying and cyberbullying. The non-punitive No Bully System® has created bully-free campuses for over 120,000 students across the United States and internationally.


A Bright Concept has been awarded the license to deliver the award winning No Bully System® to schools in Portugal. Our goal is to create schools where children and adolescents feel safe, by reducing the incidents of bullying. Through a strategic partnership No Bully®, we now have trainers certified in the No Bully® methodology and we are available to apply it in the public and private schools in Portugal.

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